Every Door Direct Mail also known as EDDM is a perfect way to distribute your direct mail to neighborhoods where your customers are.

Every Door Direct Mail

Automated mail, to your target customers.

Every Door Direct mail —or EDDM— allows us to print variable data and address your piece at the same time. We use our indicia for mailing, sort, address and barcode in one run. Your mailer is handled less, processed quicker ends up looking awesome and is ready for automation.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. We can help you identify the ZIP Code™ and carrier route that will target your best possible customers—current and future. 

EDDM® is perfect for many types of businesses:

Auto dealerships
Business services
Medical professionals
Local health clinics and hospitals

Dry cleaners
Contractors and home services
Local arts and community organizers
Political Campaigns

Booklet printing is an effective professional marketing strategy for large companies, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

If you have a wide range of products or services, multi-page booklets serve as presentation materials to showcase your business in a detailed way. Automotive, construction, tourism, and health care businesses use them to let people know about their company's mission, vision, and history too.

You can distribute booklets at events like trade shows to give a snapshot of your company. Let Ansun print your booklet and you'll easily catch the interest of potential customers.