Environmental Impact

Ansun is a leader in environmental responsibility for the printing industry. Ansun goes the extra mile to offer paper products that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems.

Ansun Print Pros Environmental Statement

We strive to be a good steward of our planet because the future of our environment depends on the choices we make today. We are encourage the use of recycled papers, low VOC inks and other green products and encourage you to take advantage of these eco-conscious choices.

Ansun believes in using recycled paper products containing pre and post-consumer recovered fibers. Ansun uses and recommends to our customers to choose FSC certified paper. This helps manage our eco-friendly footprint by reducing the impact on forest resources, less pollution, lower consumption of water and energy, and minimizing solid waste.

Ansun also incorporates the use of eco-friendly soy-based inks and solvents in our production which emit very low traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Soy inks are also beneficial during the paper recycling process. Soy inks are easily washable and cause less damage to the paper fibers. Soy inks are popular for their vibrant colors and are becoming an increasingly popular alternative in the printing industry.

We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper houses and offer numerous recycled paper product options to our clients.

We use a new varnish coating process that is environmentally-friendly.

We use soy-based inks with low VOC and recycle all unused ink.

We recycle our make-ready and scrap paper.

Our short-run production approach keeps excessive content out of waste streams.

Ansun uses unique Aqueous and UV coatings, yet another critical step in producing environmentally friendly print products. The coatings consist of very low to zero traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC) reducing harmful components that damage the atmosphere and the surrounding environments. Impregnated washing systems are used for press rollers and blankets which consist of minimal traces of VOCs. Fountain solutions are free-of or use reduced VOC solutions. Ansun is constantly looking out for safer and more environmentally friendly press room products. We recycle all solutions and remove all hazardous waste from our facilities to prevent it from getting into the natural environment. Ansun production facilities are alcohol-free environments using only alcohol substitutes. Continued development with press room products assures only the safest solutions will be used in our facilities.