Somewhere between the old-fashion staple and traditional perfect bound bindery lies Ansun's PerfectStitch™

Only Ansun has PerfectStich™ Bindery

Only Ansun makes PerfectStitch™ books. We also mail, fold, crease, and perforate documents with extraordinary precision. Quite simply, we turn ordinary paper into beautiful tools your business or organization can use every day.

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Booklet printing is an effective professional marketing strategy for large companies, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Ansun PerfectStitch™ books are the perfect blend of quality, in-hand production, matched with timing that fits your busy schedule.

If you have a wide range of products or services, multi-page booklets serve as presentation materials to showcase your business in a detailed way. Automotive, construction, church and religious groups, tourism, and healthcare businesses use them to let people know about their company's mission, vision, and history also. PerfectStitch™ booklets are perfect for events like trade shows to give a snapshot of your company. 

College, University and capital development efforts can benefit from a PerfectStitch™ book to make fund raising efforts look their best.

Ansun is the only company that offers PerfectStitch™ binding for short-run booklet production. Have a long run? We can print and bind perfect bound books too.