FTP Information

FTP Information for file upload.

ANSUN has a secure FTP site that you can use to send us files to enable us to immediately start working on your printing projects.

You can upload your files to our general area:
Host: ftp.ansun.biz
User ID: customer01(at)ansun.biz
Password: Upload@nsun
  (password is case sensitive)

To access the site we recommend FTP software such as CyberDuck - for Macintosh or FileZilla - for Windows users. The above noted FTP software is FREE and safe to download!

If you would like to use Internet Explorer please follow the directions below:
1. Type ftp.ansun.biz into the browser. Click Enter - you will receive an error message - ignore the message!
2. Go to the top of the browser and click on Page - Go down ad select Open FTP Page - A window will open and You will receive another error message - Ignore the message!
3. Go to file under the window that opened and select LogIn - Type in our user name and password.
And you're there! Isn't technology fun?

Or you can set up a free individual FTP account with us. Please email us at ftpfiles(at)ansun.biz or call us at 800-324-2780 or 315-437-6869 to get your personal username & password. We will need the following information from you: Company name, address, phone numbers, email address and contact name.

Before uploading please compress your files into a single archive using Stuffit or Winzip. This will help keep the files protected during transfer. Then send a PDF or fax hard copy to 315-437-6979, so we can make sure everything is accurate when we open your job. When your files have been uploaded, please contact your CSR or call to let us know.