Mohawk Embedded and Dimensional Products

Samples of the products that are available and can be printed at Ansun.

Mohawk Dimensional Products

The NEW Mohawk Dimensional portfolio includes pre-perforated and pre- scored packaging, promotional, photo and presentation products available in a range of premium papers. These high-impact dimensional products feature a proprietary micro-perf, clean edge technology for superior run ability and virtually effortless assembly.

Available in Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone, Mohawk Via Linen i-Tone, Mohawk Color Copy Ultra Gloss and Mohawk Synthetics, this product offering is designed for high-value custom packaging and 3-dimensional products.  Engineered to run on digital color production presses, the portfolio includes 18”x12” and 20.5”x14.33” sheets in the following formats; cube box, gift box, table tent card, pocket folder, golf ball sleeve, wine bottle box, greeting card and door hanger. 

Mohawk Embedded Products

Mohawk Embedded materials provide a unique alternative to standard direct mail. Small cards or magnets pop-out or peel-off a base carrier sheet, encouraging the recipient to interact, respond and remember. Embedded products save bindery and labor time and are perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards, insurance cards, refrigerator magnets and more. A growing product line of perforated and scored packaging, promotional, photo and presentation products for short run digital printing made from premium papers and synthetic substrates for superior print results. Just print and assemble.

Mohawk Dimensional products are great for high-value, custom packaging, event promotions, merchandising, advertising specialties, photo applications and 3D products. Offered on Everyday Digital paper with peel-out magnets or pop-out synthetic cards, Mohawk Embedded products add value to your printed messages and make membership cards and magnets a snap.