iGen Environmental Impact

Digital Impact
Components of the iGen4 digital color production press have been designed to support multiple lifetimes and minimize waste; up to 97 percent of the machine's components are recyclable or remanufacturable. The massive digital color printing press has been engineered to meet strict noise, emissions and safety standards - often exceeding standards specified by law.

In addition to components being recyclable or remanufacturable:

>More than 80 percent, by weight, of the waste generated by the machine - including consumables such as dry ink (toner), packaging and parts - can be returned, reused or recycled.

>The dry inks are non-toxic and have a transfer efficiency rate approaching 100 percent, meaning less waste is generated.

>The design strictly controls emissions - such as ozone, dust and volatile organic compounds - to the same levels achieved by smaller office products and well below levels established by regulations, maintaining a safer work environment for press operators.